Wildlife Damage Insurance Coverage

One of the biggest concerns with homeowners who deal with nuisance animals is how they are going to pay for the removal, clean-up, and repair that the animal or animals caused. Thankfully, most homeowners insurance covers a variety of damage done by nuisance animals. It is always a good idea, when looking at homeowners insurance to make sure that these repairs are included, because the damage and clean-up from these animals can be very involved and get expensive pretty quickly.

Make sure to check your individual policy by calling your insurance agent or getting in touch with your insurance companies as policies differ from state to state and company to company. We have compiled a list for you of common nuisance animal cleanup and repairs covered by most insurance companies to help give you an idea of what to expect from your policy.

Nuisance Animal Services Typically Covered by Insurance

Bat Guano Removal

Bats are a big problem for homeowners not only because of the general noise and mess that they make when they roost in your attic, but also because their feces is actually incredibly dangerous to humans if it is breathed in or if you come in contact with it. The feces from bats, called guano, has been known to cause Histoplasmosis which is a lung disease that can fatal if left untreated. It is vitally important to call a professional service if you have bats in your home. The removal of bats and the clean up of their feces require special techniques and equipment to ensure that the area is fully sanitized and the feces are removed so there is no way the disease can be transferred to the people in your home. Because of the specialized techniques and tools required for bat guano removal and the health implications of not having a professional service clean, this is something that is typically covered by your homeowners insurance. If you think that you have bats in your attic or have seen what looks like guano in and around your home, check your insurance policy and then call a professional service as soon as possible.

Raccoon Damage Restoration

Raccoons are another tricky nuisance animal to get rid of. They tend to get into your home through holes in your roof or through soffit gaps. Sometimes they will even rip holes in your roof to gain entry. After they get into your home, they will trample down your insulation nesting and potentially rip apart your ductwork and gnaw on wires, making them fire hazards. Raccoons will also defecate around their nest and their feces actually can contain Ringworms which, if inhaled by humans, can cause blindness or infect the brain. Much like bat guano removal, raccoon feces removal requires a highly specialized team and because of the medical implications associated with improper cleaning techniques, most homeowners insurance will cover the damage restoration and clean-up from raccoons. If you suspect you have raccoons, make sure to check your insurance policy and then call a service to have them do a full inspection on your home and property.

Attic Clean Outs

Other times, there may not be an actual animal living in your attic but clean out may still be required as a result of past animals that have nested or roosted there. When you need your attic fully cleaned out and restored after nuisance animals have lived there, it is important to have a professional service in cause of harmful pests or parasites. This is another situation that is frequently covered by homeowners insurance and a quick call to your agent can confirm that.